Friday, July 3, 2015

Hey Guys... I'm Getting the Blog Back Together!

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You may have forgotten I had a blog. 
I may have forgotten I had a blog.  
The last post was back in November of 2014, when I was smack  in the middle of a blog-a-day run. Who remembers now what stopped me? I think it was sudden family illness, but that certainly doesn't account for the last six months when nary a word has been written.

At first, I didn't miss it. Didn't have that nagging need to sit down and write. Then, by the time I did, work was busy, and then it was holiday time and then, New Year and Spring and... well, you get the picture. Lots of busy, but no valid reason for not writing.  

I think I was kind of worn out. 
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I still am, and there is still lots of stuff that legitimately claims my attention. For instance, we moved two weeks ago-- just from one apartment in our complex to another, but still, everything went into boxes and bags, and much of it still has to be unboxed and unbagged.  I'm not even sure I still want some of the stuff, so it's time to declutter too, and pare down by asking myself if each object around me brings me joy. ("Goodbye scale!" is all I can say...)  Man, that all sounds like a lot of work. Who knew it was so hard to be a minimalist?

Meanwhile, there has been work, and more family medical stuff and worries about money and time and getting older. At my husband's request, I've stopped coloring my hair to cover gray, and at the girls' request, I'm letting it grow. It's feeling a bit out of control.  I'm beginning to think that I need my short, dark pixie cut to feel sharper again. 

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Actually, I'm beginning to worry that I may never feel sharper again... So it's time to start writing. I'm going to try to go back to finding the good fortune, or at least the humor, in every day life. Here on the blog and, with any luck, on other projects and in other circumstances as well. 

So I'm getting the blog back together...who's with me? 

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