Wednesday, November 27, 2013


This year, as everyone with an internet connection or a television knows by now, Hannukah and Thanksgiving fall at the same time.  The first night of Hannukah is tonight, giving the latke-eating population a chance at an extra night of feasting this week.  Foodie websites have been devoted to how to combine the two holidays-- sweet potato latkes or fried pumpkin doughnuts anyone?-- and even the supermarket clerks are remarking on the fact that this coincidental timing of the holidays won't come around again for 78,000 years or so.  I say amen to that, because, really isn't once every 78 milleniums enough?  And another thing:  will Hannukah or Thanksgiving be celebrated in 78,000 years?  I have my doubts, but those are for the speculative novelists to, you know, speculate about, in their "novelizations" of future history.  Meanwhile we can revel in the fact that this is the year we can reminisce about for as long as we are pulling our chairs up to the turkey and sides and lighting the Hannukkah candles, as in : "Come here, kids, grab the cousins you only see once a year and let me tell you about the year we got cheated because Hanukkah and Thanksgiving fell in the same week.  Oy!  What a year!"

I'm going to let this go for now and get back to my double holiday cooking, but I want to leave you with something amusing in the meantime.  It's a long time until dinner, no matter what you're celebrating...
Here are Thanksgivukkah Playlists from Tablet Magazine and The Daily Skimm, and parodies from  I can't say I love them all, but I offer them for your consideration.  Enjoy!
Images from here (Once in a Lifetime) and here (Thanksgivukkah American Gothic)

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