Saturday, November 30, 2013

And We're Out!

This post is my thirtieth in a row, marking the end of November and NaBloPoMo-- National Blog Posting Month.  I have managed to post something every one of the last thirty days, though I will own the fact that a few days contained much less original writing than others.  In my own defense, I want to say that the fine print on this post a day thing excluded weekends, but I posted seven days a week.  This is mostly because I didn't figure out that weekends were exempt until after I had done weekend posts, but also because of my dedication to my craft.  Yeah, that's it... dedication....craft. Yeah.  

I am glad I was able to exert some self-discipline.  I am chronically helpless in that area, what with the procrastination and the rationalization and all of the other things I have to stop doing to sit down and write. That was one of the reasons I did this.  I wanted to get myself to my desk more, and this exercise did really help.  I also found that the more I wrote, the more subjects suggested themselves to me as good possibilities for the blog.  The more subjects there were, the more I wrote and the more... I think you get my drift here.  

So, good times, good talk.  Thank you to everyone who has read the blog and commented on it and shared it.  The encouragement means a lot to me and I think of you all when I am writing. I don't know if I can commit to continuing to post daily, but I'm hoping to manage five days a week, just to keep in shape.  Now if I could only find a way to make myself exercise as often as I write....

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